Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex
Driver Alignment: 2-way
Tweeter Type: Dome
Bass Type: Woofer
Crossover Type: Passive
Impedance: 5 Ohm
Sensitivity: 84 dB
Cutoff -3 dB: 45 Hz
Diaphragm Material: Aluminum, Ceramic
Build Complexity: Novice
Radiation Type: Monopole
Type of Use: Home
Placement: Standmount
Bass Driver Size: 6 inch
Cost of Parts: $390

everything we want is on the other side of hard


Aluminum or Ceramic - your call

Bromo is taken from an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. The name Bromo is derived from a word in Javanese: pronunciation of Brahma, The Hindu creator of God. It is a 2-way ported speaker with hard material drivers.

The drivers are known for very high performance, low distortion and unique price-performance ratio. The NBAC (aluminum) mid/woofers and CAC (ceramic) woofers can be both used with the same crossover designed for this kit. Tweeters ADC (aluminum) and CDC (ceramic) are also interchangeable. Though the specs are similar, both setups are audibly different. Ceramic set is a step up as you get more from the sound quality.

This is a hard cone/dome kit but without the typical ‘issues’ as audible breakups of the mid-woofer and the tweeter never get too harsh for the ears. The development done by SB Acoustics utilized the evenly distributed vibrations through 18mm MDF panels with bracing, lowering sound coloration. The speaker is detailed and more ‘punchy’ than what was expected from this cabinet size. A demo was done at Axpona Show 2019 in Chicago and we received huge positive feedback.

This means SB Acoustics has developed this kit, built it, tested it and is proud of the performance. All development details are available online, including crossover schematics, but SB Acoustics will not supply cabinets and finished crossovers for this kit.

Please be aware that swapping the components for different values will alter the performances and you may loose the ‘original’ sound.

By doing it this way, builders have the freedom to choose the crossover components they think are best. Thus, Bromo will be a traditional DIY kit. This is our definition of ‘Open Source Kit’.

SB Acoustics is a marriage of the design talents of Danesian Audio (Denmark), a company filled with industry veterans, responsible for many well known and revolutionary designs, and the manufacturing expert Sinar Baja Electric (Indonesia). Built as a vertically integrated company, with more than 35 years of transducer manufacturing experience SB Acoustics has been able to create affordable lines of products, without compromising acoustic performance for cost. Ultimately, we invite you to judge.
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