Enclosure Type: Band Pass
Driver Alignment: Subwoofer
Bass Type: Subwoofer
Crossover Type: DSP
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Sensitivity: 96 dB
Cutoff -3 dB: 40 Hz
Diaphragm Material: Paper
Build Complexity: Novice
Radiation Type: Monopole
Type of Use: Public Address
Placement: Outside
Bass Driver Size: 12 inch
Cost of Parts: $900


building an effective, 12” bandpass subwoofer


The System

This proposed loudspeaker system is a compact band pass enclosure that can deliver powerful and clean bass sound. The frequency extension can range from 38Hz to 120Hz although the DSP presets suggest to use it from 40Hz to 100Hz.

The system can be suitable for a range of applications where powerful and well defined low frequency reproduction is required for music reproduction in clubs, listening rooms and small disco.

The system philosophy is based on dual tuning reflex enclosure and its shape has been kept as simple as possible.

A well distributed internal disposition of damping material as Polyurethane foam or Polyester fiber is strongly required in order to avoid internal high order resonances. Additional equipping with handles, connection panel, frontal protection screen would be very useful for handling and flexibility on the use

The woofer

The 12LW1400 is a very powerful and very well controlled high power 12” woofer. It's robust suspension system in conjunction with its high temperature 4” Aluminum Voice Coil allow it to handle very high power level, both thermal and mechanical: the interleaved sandwich voice coil allows for high thermal dissipation while double spider system allows for very well controlled large excursion.

12LW1400 woofer key features:
- 100 mm (4”) interleaved sandwich voice coil
- Heat dissipation via unique basket design
- 900W AES power handling
- 96 dB SPL 1W / 1m average sensitivity


  • The enclosure should be made of Baltic birch plywood (15mm thickness)
  • Bolts are M6x35mm
  • M6 T-Nuts are recommended
  • Handling, rigging and connectors are user’s choice
  • It’s recommended to well damping the cabinet interior
  • High density dampening material such as Polyester fiber, Polyurethane foam or other synthetic fibers is required for eliminating high order internal resonances and then to obtain better performance
External View
Internal View
Exploded View
Internal view and detail
Eighteen Sound is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality professional audio loudspeakers, developing state-of-the-art transducer technologies and using the most advanced production techniques, located in Reggio Emilia, Italy.
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