Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex
Driver Alignment: Subwoofer
Bass Type: Subwoofer
Crossover Type: DSP
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Sensitivity: 101 dB
Cutoff -3 dB: 30 Hz
Diaphragm Material: Paper
Build Complexity: Novice
Radiation Type: Monopole
Type of Use: Public Address
Placement: Outside
Bass Driver Size: 18 inch
Cost of Parts: $4100


18" Dual Subwoofer


Key Features

High performance 2 x 18” subwoofer system optimized for the 18TLW3000 transducer

18TLW3000 subwoofer key features:

  • 3600 W AES power handling
  • 100 mm (4 In) Tetracoil dual voice coil
  • Ultra linear suspension behavior for excellent sound clarity
  • Low noise forced air cooling design

Equalization Settings


  • EQ1 = 120Hz, -1.5dB, Q: 1.5
  • EQ2 = 187Hz, -3dB, Q: 6
  • HP Filter = 28Hz, 24dB/Oct, Butterworth
  • LP Filter = 90Hz, 24dB/Oct, Linkwitz-Riley
  • Output GAIN = +8dB (with 32dB Amplifier Gain)
  • Limiter = Th.: +9dBu, Atk.: 100ms, Rel.: 100ms

Values referred to XTA DP Series DSP Processor (or equivalent)
Suggested amplifier: Powersoft K10 or equivalent


  • The enclosure should be made of baltic birch plywood (18mm thickness)
  • Bolts are M6x35mm (M6 T-nuts recommended)
  • Handling, rigging and connectors are user’s choice
  • It’s recommended to well damp the cabinet interior (an high density dampening material, such as Dacron or other synthetic fibers. Is required for better performance
Exploded View
Internal View
Side Section View
Front Section View
Front Panel - Part A
Front Panel - Part B
Reflex Duct Detail (part E and part F)
Eighteen Sound is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality professional audio loudspeakers, developing state-of-the-art transducer technologies and using the most advanced production techniques, located in Reggio Emilia, Italy.
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