Enclosure Type: Front-loaded Horn
Driver Alignment: Subwoofer
Bass Type: Subwoofer
Crossover Type: DSP
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Sensitivity: 98 dB
Cutoff -3 dB: 40 Hz
Diaphragm Material: Paper
Build Complexity: Intermediate
Radiation Type: Monopole
Type of Use: Public Address
Placement: Outside
Bass Driver Size: 18 inch
Cost of Parts: $920



Diver Choices

You may choose to use any of the following drivers.

18LW2400 woofer key features:
- 1200 W AES power handling
- 100 mm (4 In) Interleaved voice coil (ISV)
- Double Silicon Spider (DSS)
- Double Demodulating Rings (DDR)

18LW2500 woofer key features:
- 1600 W AES power handling
- 100 mm (4 In) Interleaved voice coil (ISV)
- Composite reinforced straight ribbed cone
- Ultra linear dual magnet motor design

18TLW3000 woofer key features:
- 1800 W AES power handling
- 100 mm (4 In) Tetracoil dual voice coil
- Ultra linear suspension behavior for excellent sound clarity
- Low noise forced air cooling design

The Enclosure

  • The enclosure should be made of Baltic birch plywood (15mm thickness)
  • Bolts are M6x35mm (M6 T-Nuts recommended)
  • Handling, rigging and connectors are user’s choice
  • It’s recommended to damp the cabinet interior well (a high density dampening material, such as Dacron or other synthetic fibers, is required for better performance)
  • Examples are shown in the images
Exploded View
Side View
Front Side
Details: Horn Construction
Details: Rear Construction
Details: Woofer
Details: Access Panel
Details: Access Panel Reinforcement
Details: Access Panel Housing
Details: Access Panel Housing
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